Africa Relief Fund

Africa Relief Fund

"The world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, and issued an international plea for help to avoid 'a catastrophe'."

(UN Humanitarian Chief O'Brien)

Emergency Appeal: The continent of Africa, with its 1.1 billion people, has a long history of drought, famine, epidemics and civil war. An estimated 30 million people need humanitarian assistance while internal conflict has displaced 9 million within the Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia. Poor harvesting, from natural disasters, have left 15 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya at risk of food shortages.

History of HHRD Work in the Region:HHRD is registered as an International NGO (INGO) with offices and team members in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania; through which HHRD is conducting several developmental programs and projects, including Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Healthcare, Orphan Support, Skills Development, and other similar programs & projects.

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Cyclone Idai Devastates South East Africa: An estimated 1,500 people have been infected with cholera following the deadly cyclone that hit the countries of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in March of 2019. Cyclone Idai has claimed the lives hundreds and has left 1.85 million in need of emergency humanitarian aid. HHRD’s "Cyclone Idai Relief Fund" provided emergency relief items of food, shelter, water and medicine via our HHRD Africa team in Kenya, who traveled to Southern Malawi and Beira, Mozambique for needs assessment and aid distribution.

Skills Development Program

Educational Support Program

HHRD sets out to impart training, organize artisans, assist in developing products, improving product quality and then marketing these products. A total of 328 were trained in Kenya and Somalia.

HHRD’s School of Excellence, located in Mogadishu, Somalia, provides education to 300 orphan students between grades K thru 4th.

In Kind Gifts Program

Health Care Program

In-Kind Gifts are donated goods and services rather than monetary donations. HHRD regional offices conduct local In-Kind Gift drives which allow community members to play an active role in humanitarian relief through either donating useable items, or their time.

HHRD has partnered with WHO, and other agencies, to provide much needed medical help to affected people in disaster areas. Free cataract eye operations have helped 1,050 people in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Orphan Support Program

Water For Life Program

Sponsored children receive school tuition, supplies, pocket money, annual medical screenings, and character-building psychological support. Sponsoring donors receive educational progress reports, medical reports, and correspondence from their orphan.

HHRD has ongoing WASH projects of latrines and hand washing areas in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and Tanzania that have helped 125, 206 people.

The people throughout the African continent need your help. Donate towards this noble cause and help countless families receive the help they need to survive and move on with their lives. Your support today can ensure their future tomorrow.

HHRD Recognized Amongst Top Zakat Charity

HHRD�s philanthropic programs have not gone unnoticed, we are ranked among the top-rated Zakat Eligible Charity in the USA. HHRD received an overall score of 98.23 out of 100, reflecting the trust HHRD has earned with US based donors

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